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32 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
248 gigedit gigedit cuse ASSI --- gigedit 1.0.0 package dependencies can not get solved in Debian testing 2016-07-25
171 JSampler JSampler gr.iliev RESO WONT Right click directly to load instrument dialog in instruments database window 2019-03-10
172 JSampler JSampler gr.iliev RESO WONT Highlighted item on "main menu"->"drop down menu" is option just below mouse pointer 2019-03-10
173 JSampler JSampler gr.iliev RESO WONT save does not go to the right directory 2019-03-10
180 JSampler JSampler gr.iliev RESO WONT tags and elements of orchestras are written on the same line in orchestras.xml 2019-03-10
206 JSampler JSampler gr.iliev RESO WONT JSampler classic: sidebar mode switcher doesn't follow theme 2019-03-10
230 JSampler JSampler rncbc RESO WORK Cannot acces JackRouter 2019-04-23
205 JSampler JSampler gr.iliev NEW --- Can't open banks with non-ascii characters in path 2013-12-25
303 libgig tools cuse RESO WONT libgig rifftree heap-based buffer overflow RIFF::List::GetListTypeString() 2019-03-10
304 libgig tools cuse RESO WORK gigdump PrintSamples segfault 2019-04-23
305 libgig tools cuse RESO WORK libgig gigextract LoadSamples segfault 2019-04-23
306 libgig libgig cuse RESO WONT Segmentation fault in gig::File::LoadGroups() with crafted input file 2019-03-10
312 libgig libgig cuse NEW --- errors compiling libgig9 2020-08-17
154 liblscp liblscp rncbc RESO WONT LOAD INSTRUMENT - relative paths 2019-03-10
169 LinuxSam other cuse RESO FIXE EFFECT_INSTANCE: FX_SEND Outputs errors 2019-03-11
181 LinuxSam other cuse RESO WORK no choice for alternate vstplugins folder during install... 2019-03-10
207 LinuxSam other cuse RESO FIXE Ability to index all supported bank formats, not only gig 2019-03-10
211 LinuxSam other cuse RESO FIXE Accept lscp script, specified in command line for linuxsamper executable 2019-03-10
221 LinuxSam other cuse RESO WORK Error when compiling linuxsampler 2588 2019-04-23
232 LinuxSam other cuse RESO WORK make install ignores --prefix when trying to install instruments db 2019-03-10
300 LinuxSam other cuse RESO DUPL Sounds are not muted by "off_by" event 2019-03-10
307 LinuxSam other cuse RESO FIXE Memory leak caused by sfz engine not closing samples after being read from disk. 2019-03-07
308 LinuxSam other cuse RESO FIXE SampleManager prohibits a sample to be used by consumer more than once at a time 2019-03-07
309 LinuxSam other cuse RESO LATE Improve key group handling (off_by) with a flexible approach to polyphony 2019-04-24
310 LinuxSam other cuse RESO FIXE Support for ARIA's *silence extension in sfz 2019-03-10
125 LinuxSam gig::Eng cuse ASSI --- Support for RPNs "Pitch Bend Range" and "Fine Tuning" 2013-05-31
189 LinuxSam other cuse ASSI --- LINUX Server ( VST DLL ) crashes hosting software when triing to record 2019-03-10
193 LinuxSam other cuse ASSI --- ARM11 CPU not supported by RTMath.cpp 2014-09-23
245 LinuxSam drivers cuse ASSI --- Plugging in headphones or enumeration change in hardware stops audio output 2016-07-25
311 LinuxSam other cuse NEW --- SFZ crashes on multipoint envelope 2020-03-03
213 QSampler qsampler rncbc RESO WORK Audio Device Number and the MIDI Device Number is displayed in wrong order (upside down) 2019-04-23
167 QSampler qsampler rncbc ASSI --- Qsampler shouldn't allow to adjust sample rate when running with JACK 2014-01-26
32 bugs found.