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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
233 QSampler qsampler rncbc NEW --- ./configure doesn't find LSCP in non-standard places 2017-01-03
234 QSampler qsampler rncbc NEW --- Error about settings not being able to be safed 2014-12-08
93 QSampler qsampler rncbc ASSI --- some enhancement suggestions for qsampler 2013-05-31
144 QSampler qsampler rncbc ASSI --- QSampler could not set Port 0 parameter value in device dialog. 2013-06-01
167 QSampler qsampler rncbc ASSI --- Qsampler shouldn't allow to adjust sample rate when running with JACK 2014-01-26
213 QSampler qsampler rncbc ASSI --- Audio Device Number and the MIDI Device Number is displayed in wrong order (upside down) 2014-01-26
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