Bug 189 - LINUX Server ( VST DLL ) crashes hosting software when triing to record
Summary: LINUX Server ( VST DLL ) crashes hosting software when triing to record
Alias: None
Product: LinuxSampler
Classification: Unclassified
Component: other (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC other
: P5 blocker
Assignee: Christian Schoenebeck
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Reported: 2012-09-24 19:42 CEST by Peter Becker
Modified: 2019-03-10 17:06 CET (History)
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Description Peter Becker 2012-09-24 19:42:33 CEST
Hi there,

first of all many thanks for this excellent VST engine.

I am using it as a VST Plugin on a Windows 7  32 bit System. The hosting software for the DLL is Capella. The sounds created are excellent. However, when I try to record the sounds, e.g. via Audacity or Cool Edit the hosting application crashes.

I tried other VSTs without any problems. So I assume it is the LINUX server.

I am using the latest copy from 20120922

Any idea ?

Best regards

Peter Becker
Comment 1 Peter Becker 2012-09-25 10:40:04 CEST
Here comes the crash info according to the system trace:

Fehler Quelle=Application Error Nachricht=Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: capella.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x4fe97661 Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: liblinuxsampler-3.dll, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x505e0425 Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005 Fehleroffset: 0x002582ed ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x1478 Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01cd9af8591807eb Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Program Files\capella-software\capella 7\capella.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\Program Files\LinuxSampler\32\liblinuxsampler-3.dll Berichtskennung: ee51b882-06eb-11e2-be11-001d92225a5f
Comment 2 Peter Becker 2012-09-25 16:36:00 CEST
Meanwhile I tried to send out the sound via USB ASIO Driver. Basically its working, but sometimes I am getting an applicatin crash. System trace shows the following :

Info Quelle=Windows Error Reporting Nachricht=Fehlerbucket 3173056083, Typ 1 Ereignisname: APPCRASH Antwort: Nicht verfügbar CAB-Datei-ID: 0  Problemsignatur: P1: capella.exe P2: P3: 4fe97661 P4: liblinuxsampler-3.dll P5: P6: 505e04d2 P7: c0000005 P8: 0024bf0d P9: (null) P10: (null)  Angefügte Dateien: C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Temp\WERDB8F.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml  Diese Dateien befinden sich möglicherweise hier: C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppCrash_capella.exe_da33cd6d31abbda689cbc72b4e665219fa91645_14fe01d4  Analysesymbol: (null) Es wird erneut nach einer Lösung gesucht: 0 Berichts-ID: 6e41e227-071d-11e2-bd14-001d92225a5f Berichtstatus: 0
Comment 3 Christian Schoenebeck 2013-05-31 20:25:17 CEST
I guess you are using a "freeze function" in your sequencer app. Please note that VST freezing does currently not work with LinuxSampler.

Please check if your sequencer also allows to record your session without using "VST freeze".
Comment 4 Christian Schoenebeck 2013-06-01 12:54:22 CEST
Reported replied by email, since he was not able to open this site due to expired SSL certificates. Here is his response:

>>>>>>>> Quote >>>>>>>>

As described, my hosting application for the DLL is capella. This is not 
a real sequencer but a program to create scores.
It also can play the notes using a VST engine like LINUXSAMPLER.

This works perfectly. Therefore I dont think capella is using VST freezing.

The problem appears when I am trying to record the sound with the 
completely independent freeware program Audacity. This program is 
listening on the windows side and is recording everything whats going on 
on the selected sound port. As far as I know LINUXSAMPLER doesnt even 
know such a recording is involved. However it dies after a short while 
when Audacity is involved. With other VST enginews like shortcircuit, 
Kontakt 5 a.s.o. everything is working perfectly.

Best regards

Peter Becker

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Comment 5 Christian Schoenebeck 2019-03-10 17:06:48 CET
Does this problem still persist, or can this report be closed?